Bruce Brown Jr. is an American shooting guard of the Detroit Pistons who never fails to amaze his fans by his insane talent.

He was drafted 4nd overall in the 2018 NBA draft and he had his very first professional game against the Brooklyn Nets on October 17, 2018.

His impeccable skills on the court can only be matched by the perfect footwear that is capable of keeping up with his great athletism. The Detroit Piston’s very own shooting guard primarily wears Nike’s high-performance Kyrie 5 shoes which is not only eye-catching on the court but is also the perfect companion for great athletes such as him.

Bruce Brown Jr continues to dominate his professional career by demonstrating his great athletic value in the NBA League. The Detroit Pistons rookie Bruce Brown Jr. also has the chance to be the future starting point guard of the team. He has displayed good mentality and skill-set that shows he has what it takes to be the Piston’s primary ball handler in the future.

Bruce Brown Jr Sneakers

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