Brook Lopez is not as popular as the likes of Kobe Bryant or Lebron James but he is doing something different for big men. Much like his shoes, the Nike Zoom Rise, this 31-year old Milwaukee Bucks center is not a flashy guy in the court, but plays well and does what it takes to win. He has scored impressive numbers having played for the NBA for more than 10 years and continues to be on top of his game.

The same goes for his twin, Robin Lopez. The twins were with Adidas for the past years since being drafted out of Stanford University in 2008 after playing two years of college basketball. Both have recently moved to Nike to promote the Zoom Rise.

Brook wore the Adidas TS Heat Check during his first 40 games in the NBA. Being size 20, his shoes are difficult to miss. Brook has played for several other teams including the New Jersey Nets, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers.

Brook Lopez Sneakers

Nike Zoom Rize

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

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