In the fall of 2018, Blake Griffin’s deal with the highly celebrated Jordan Brand was about to come to an end. Fortunately for the fans of the Detroit Pistons power forward, he agreed to do a shoe deal extension for two more years.

Blake’s endorsement of the Jordan Brand began way back in 2012 while playing for the L.A. Clippers — during his debut for the franchise, to be more specific. He stepped foot on the basketball court sporting a pair of blue Jordan Brand sneakers. During that time, it was only he and teammate Chris Paul (now playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder) who were the sponsored Jordan shoe basketball players for the Clippers.

It’s no secret that the power forward and sometimes comedian has unconditional love for the Air Jordan 34 and Super.Fly sneakers (many consider Super.Fly  as his signature shoes). However, Blake has never been spotted donning a pair of retro Air Jordans. Well, he says that the reason for such is that he believes that newer sneaker technologies could help to bring out the best in him.

Blake Griffin Sneakers

Air Jordan 34

Air Jordan 32

Jordan Super.Fly MVP L

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 2017

Jordan Super.Fly 4

Jordan Super.Fly 3

Nike Hyperdunk 2011

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