Kemba Walker signed a four-year sneaker deal with Under Armour after he was drafted 9th pick overall in 2011 by the Charlotte Hornets. Any shoe company could have signed him to but with the owner of the Charlotte Hornets being Michael Jordan, the owner and founder of the Jordan Brand,  it isn’t surprising that Kemba opted to sign under the same owner. 

During his early years with the Hornets, Walker sported various player editions of Under Armour. Four years later, he was seen wearing Air Jordan Retros and became one of the high profile players who love to wear Jordan Retros.

On 2019, Walker was traded to Boston Celtics where he plays in an all-star level. He is frequently spotted wearing Air Jordan 34 along with player editions of Jordan Retros.

It is not clear how long the partnership between the most likable NBA player and the Jordan Brand will last but one thing is certain – Kemba Walker will be sporting more Air Jordan sneakers in years to come.

Kemba Walker Sneakers

Air Jordan 34

Air Jordan 32

Air Jordan 10 Retro

Jordan Super.Fly 4

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive “USA” PE

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

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